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November 2022 - Current

Senior Backend Developer

Working in the Fintech industry, we have more than 6 million clients, and most of our stack is in Node and AWS.

We have heavy use of serverless architecture in Node but we have a lot of other resources in other architectures and other languages.


· Node.js · TypeScript · Amazon Web Services (AWS) · Kubernetes · Cloud Services · Event Driven · Domain-Driven Design (DDD) · JavaScript · Oracle Database · Linux · Python (Programming Language) · DevOps · Microservices · Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) · Serverless Computing

2018 - 2021


As a Team lead, in principle, I possessed an excellent command of the functionality of ERP - BackOffice at a fairly broad level, which is why I accompanied ERP implementations with Mobile Solutions, Cloud, Third Parties and integrations in general.


· Typescript · Nodejs · SQL · No-SQL · AWS, · Nest.js

TdeP Horeb SRL
2014 - 2015

Junior Developer

I Develop mostly SQL Reports with direct contact with clients. Additionally, I worked on projects within ERP using javascript.


· Typescript · Nodejs · SQL · No-SQL · AWS, · Nest.js

TdeP Horeb SRL


Nov 2021 - Nov 2022

Node Js Developer

At Healthnote I worked mostly on building Integrations between chatbots and EMRs, using Node Js, AWS, Docker, Mongo, Socket IO.

Development and collaboration on a variety of projects that helped the company and product scalability.


· Node.js · TypeScript · Amazon Web Services (AWS) · MongoDB · JavaScript · Socket.IO · Redis · Twilio · Lambda · Mocha · CI/CD pipelines · Unit/automated testing · Serverless Computing

Oct 2015 - Aug 2018

Software developer

By this time I was be able to create new special features for all areas of the ERP and interact with clients to provide them with the best possible product. I meet a considerable number of processes in diverse fields, such as Finance, Sales, stocks, cost, production. Projects presented issues with a high level of complexity.


· Node.js · TypeScript · Amazon Web Services (AWS) · JavaScript · advpl · SQL

TdeP Horeb SRL
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About Me

    From Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
    As you can see, Geek.
    AI and Statistic Enthusiast.
    "Carpe Diem" school.

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